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The Effect of COVID-19 and Mental Health Part 2 of 4

During this second part of the Effect of COVID-19 and Mental Health series, we’ll take a closer look at each section touched on in Part 1.

Those in the healthcare field

The mental health of our front line medical teams and administrative support is critical. In many cases they don’t get the chance to decompress or take time to talk through their stress or anxiety. The amount of change and uncertainty they face each day is huge. Some face a diminished supply of medical equipment. Many counselors and therapists are figuring out how to engage virtually with their existing patients, and be there for new ones.

How can you support them?

Give your healthcare worker the freedom and permission to take a break. Encourage them to take time for themselves and make sure you have resources for them to talk if they need to unload their worry. Listen to them without trying to fix the problem, just be supportive and compassionate. Thank them and let them know they are appreciated.

Parents of children

Countless parents have been asked to do their job from home and be their children’s teacher. Added to that burden is the public pressure of planning your groceries weeks at a time to limit trips to the stores with the least amount of people possible AND hoping the stores have what you need.

What can you do for parents?

Reassure them that it’s OK if dinner plans change. Offer to pick-up takeout from a local favorite spot. Encourage them to take breaks and go outside to get fresh air with the kids and offer an empathetic ear, but don’t quickly push “solutions” when most likely they just want someone to listen and understand.

There are many mental health counselors and peer support specialists available via telehealth, phone or online sources. 

If you or someone you know is working through a mental health disorder like depression or anxiety, please contact Lifeline Connections. You can visit our Services & Locations page or call (360) 397-8246 for more information. We offer mental health outpatient programs customized plans for your needs. Some may include individual and group therapy, peer support and opportunities to learn various wellness skills.

Our caring counselors, clinicians and psychiatric professionals will be with you every step of your journey. Learn more about our mental health programs.


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