Crisis Residential Services


Crisis Residential Services

Lifeline Connections provides short-term crisis residential services for individuals who are experiencing an acute behavioral health crisis. The Crisis Triage and Stabilization program is a service that provides safety and security for adults as a less restrictive alternative to hospitalization or can decrease the length of hospitalization. Crisis Stabilization includes short-term, face-to-face assistance with life skills training, offers medication education and provides linkage to follow-up services. The services provided are time-specific, patient focused, and strength based. The environment and service delivery is a focus helping patients feel welcomed, valued, affirmed, and validated. Patients play an active role in the treatment planning process promoting empowerment and resiliency for future experienced crises. The support team consists of licensed substance use and mental health professionals, licensed nurses, peer support specialists, licensed prescribers and case managers.

We believe in supporting the recovery, health and well-being of the patients we serve and focus on enhancing their quality of life. We strive to build resiliency to behavioral health crises and prioritize restoring and improving function and successful integration back into the community.

Admission is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crisis Triage

Offers placement for 0-23 hours in an observation chair. Transition to a Crisis Stabilization bed may be possible after 23 hours.

Crisis Stabilization

Provides an average stay of 5-7 days but can also be up to 14. The length of treatment may vary based on the individual patient’s needs.

Let us help you on your journey to a life of health and wellness.

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