Community Based Services


Community Based Services

Sometimes coming to an office to receive care is not an option, that is why Lifeline Connections provides a wide array of services in the community. These services meet individuals where they are and helps them access important behavioral health treatment services.

Meriwether Place

Meriwether Place is a housing community that is owned and operated by Columbia Non-profit Housing. Lifeline Connections has offices at Meriwether Place and partners with Columbia Non-profit Housing in the placement of individuals who are receiving care at Lifeline in the housing units at Meriwether Place.

Expanded Community Support (ECS)

Residents within adult family homes and assisted living facilities living with mental health disorders need extra assistance that adult family homes and assisted living facilities don’t provide. That is where Lifeline Connections steps in. Lifeline provides mental health treatment services to identified individuals in local adult family homes and assisted living facilities to help individuals maintain stability and manage their symptoms.


Our COMET team is an assertive community treatment program that provides intensive community-based services and is designed to provide a multidisciplinary wrap-around treatment approach. This program is tailored to individuals who have a substance use disorder and a mental health condition. The COMET team’s offices are located at Meriwether Place.

Health Home Services (Intensive Care Coordination)

Individuals receive personalized support from a care coordinator in-home and in the community to help them better self-manage their multiple chronic health conditions and access local resources available to them. These services are available by referral only from local Medicaid managed care plans.

Jail Transition Services/Jail Re-entry Services

Many individuals who are incarcerated in local jails have untreated behavioral health conditions. Lifeline Connections helps individuals with a mental health condition and/or a substance use disorder access assessments while in jail and then helps them transition to community-based treatment once they are discharged from jail.

Offender Re-entry Community Support Program (ORCSP)

This program helps ex-offenders who have a history of complex mental health disorders and violence as they leave incarceration and reintegrate into their communities. Lifeline Connections provides individuals with different levels of support to help them successfully integrate into a community after incarceration.

Let us help you on your journey to a life of health and wellness.

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