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Musings on Life After Committing

There is a lot of information about drug and alcohol rehabilitation that is invariably ubiquitous – if you don’t know someone who has entered rehab, chances are you’ve watched a television ad depicting a place of tranquility and restoration that saves lives. Perhaps you have researched trends in mental health treatment out of blatant curiosity. After all, harmless pursuit of information doesn’t hurt.

Or, perhaps, you yourself want to commit to mental health treatment, because you know there is light on the other side.

It is painful to admit you’ve succumbed to addiction, that it plays a palpable and frightening role in your life. Relinquishing control to a substance means you’ve let an inanimate force gain hold of your hopes, dreams and goals.

Addiction seizes your personal and professional relationships. It galvanizes your ambitions and cleaves your memories in two.

Choosing mental health treatment rooted in advocacy and holistic remission positions you to gain a stronghold on these fleeting moments and relationships once more. Perseverance, strength and unwavering loyalty to a program that targets the intrinsic and extrinsic causes of addiction demonstrates your willingness to restore your life to a healthy balance. Your loved ones, mentors and business partners will notice the commitment.

When you place your trust in local northwest mental health treatment, you gain an advocate who will help piece together your personal puzzle and set you confidently on the path to success, sobriety and full-time abstinence with conviction.

When you are sober, you gain strength in new found clarity. It is within reach, and so are the dreams and hopes you left behind when your life became rooted in dependence instead of independence.

Committing to a stay at a mental health treatment facility in Vancouver, WA., does more than invest in your health and well-being. It invests in your:

❖     Ability to maintain sobriety: We will not recommend release until patients demonstrate a physical, mental and emotional ability to sustain a sober lifestyle. We do not want to build a business on repeat customers. Your abstinence is our ultimate goal, and we build programs designed to treat the physiological and psychological triggers of addiction.

❖     Personal relationships: Sobriety is achieved through emotional support. Successful mental treatment programs advocate for family presence in a patient’s treatment regimen and plan. Family therapy is available, visitation is encouraged and loved ones can join patients on outdoor excursions, arts and crafts, meditations and other activities.

❖     Professional advancement and development: It can be overwhelming to exit mental treatment programs without a career plan. Successful mental health treatment includes a focus on professional development. Whether your goal is to return to a former career, or explore a new career route, your rehabilitation and recovery plan should include career counseling, advising and goal-setting that is clear, concise, actionable and sustainable in your sober lifestyle.

There is life after addiction. The only failure an addict can enact is not seeking a partner in restoring that life. Believe in your desire to push forward and paw through the mire obscuring your vision. Your local Vancouver mental health treatment center is here to grasp your hand and propel you toward success.

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