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Mental Health Treatment and Concerns

Recovery looks different for each person.

Mental health treatment and services are a road map for recovery, remission and clarity following rehabilitative treatment. However, too often, patients are pigeonholed. Lapses in sobriety or retreats into former habits are viewed as blatant failures. Multiple stays in a rehabilitation facility are proof that this person is hopeless, is self-destructive and victimized by their foibles; they are reprehensible.

What many of us do not stop to consider is simply our humanity. Each person is different. Each patient grows at their own pace. Some patients will relapse even though they desperately try to avoid weaknesses. Some will choose to eschew what they have learned or experienced while in rehab. Some will be abandoned by family or friends and turn to former vices to soothe the agony of loneliness.

Imagine what relapse does to the already delicate constitution of a patient’s mental health state. Addiction masks issues that insidiously coalesce deep within. Returning to the comfort of addiction stems the hemorrhage of negative thoughts and self-deprecation.

Lifeline Connections understands the landscape of recovery can be fraught with temptation, regret, self-reflection, desperation and personal neglect. That’s why we offer programs that not only address addiction issues, but offer comprehensive care for mental health and wellness concerns.

Debilitating mental health affects more than addicts.

It is estimated one in ten college students experience depression or suicidal thoughts during their educational career. Nearly 40,000 Americans commit suicide each year – twice that of HIV/AIDS victims. Additionally:

❖ Suicide does not discriminate across gender, race or age demographics. The highest suicide rate is in men over 85 years old.
❖ Males are at a higher risk: for every four male suicides, one female suicide occurs.
❖ One in every 65,000 children die from suicide.

The statistics are egregious. And substance abuse is a leading cause of suicide attempts.

However, eighty percent of those who seek treatment for depression, an underlying cause of suicide, are treated successfully.

How Lifeline can help.

Lifeline Connections offers mental health services in Portland, Ore., and mental health treatment Vancouver Wa. Patients can expect:
❖ A personalized treatment plan executed by a professional and caring team of case managers, mental health professionals, psychiatric providers and peer support specialists;
❖ Individual and group therapy;
❖ Educational resources;
❖ Managing symptoms, including those derived from grief, substance abuse or dysfunction in the home;
❖ Self advocacy, money management and healthy relationship development counseling;
❖ Employment and housing placement.

To request a complimentary consultation, please contact Lifeline at or 360-397-8246 ext 7465.

Together we create personalized solutions for northwest patients to combat the exhaustion, pain and isolation derived from mental illness through personal health and wellness advocacy.

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