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All About You | Mental Health Treatment Vancouver Wa

Entering a mental health treatment program is an incredible, overwhelming and cathartic process which involves an intense range of emotion. The decision to seek mental health services hurts: physically, mentally, emotionally. It’s important to choose a facility where you feel safe and secure, and where continuity and quality of care is a daily execution at the highest level of vigilance and professionalism.

Before committing to any one program, it’s important to take inventory of your personal goals and expectations of the curriculum, the employees, the facility’s sense of community and culture and shared outlook or benchmarks for success:

❖     Does this facility treat alcoholism and substance abuse as a disease or as a passing fancy?
❖     Are my identity and personal information safe and is my privacy respected?
❖     Is there a focus to individualize my treatment plan, or am I just lumped into a category where “one size fits all?”
❖     Are the staff involved in continuing education, professional development and/or a CEU-tracking program?
❖     Are the programs offered at this facility cutting edge and innovative?
❖     Will I just be plopped in front of a television screen?
❖     Treatment approach: pharmacotherapy, group or individual sessions, psychotherapy, 12-step program, group therapy, behavioral approaches?
❖     Are there inpatient, outpatient and residential options for my care?
❖     Are the program’s objectives clear, and is patient accountability a factor in my care?

It’s important to feel respected, heard and secure during drug rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment. Lists such as these contain other important factors to consider before making an informed decision on a treatment center that best fits and quantifies your needs.

Mental health treatment Vancouver Wa is a place that aligns with your vision and goals for maintaining long-term sobriety will be a place you’ll feel secure, respected and heard. Once you have made the decision to commit to a clean lifestyle, the power is in your hands as an educated consumer to find the facility that fits your needs.

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