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Lifeline Connections launches Sobering Unit SURV Vehicle, welcomes community donations

(Vancouver, WA) – Lifeline Connections’ Sobering Unit opened in January 2015 to provide a safe place for adults who need to sober up from alcohol or drug intoxication. The unit provides a cost-effective and appropriate alternative to emergency rooms or jail, and gives people a chance to learn about and consider treatment options.

The need quickly grew and bed capacity expanded a year later. Now a mobile resource is improving access to the unit. The SURV (Sobering Unit Response Van), a multi-passenger van donated by the Clark County Sheriff’s office, is available to pick people up in the community and transport them to the unit when referred by law enforcement or local hospitals.

SURV operates from 3:00 pm to midnight seven days a week and is staffed by medically trained personnel.  The van is equipped with basic supplies such as water, nonperishable food, and hygiene items donated by the community. The van is also equipped with Narcan, a medication that blocks or reverses the effects of opiates such as codeine and heroin, effects which can lead to overdose or even death. Having Narcan available through SURV is one more tool the community is using to address the opioid epidemic in our region.

At the Sobering Unit, individuals can stay for up to twelve hours.  They are given a brief medical exam upon arrival and provided a safe, warm, clean place to sleep.  A counselor is available to engage the person in community services such as treatment, housing or health insurance. The goal is to help the individual stop the cycle of substance use and to address other chronic problems that accompany it. Since substance use disorders are frequently tied to homelessness, the unit plays a critical role in helping people begin to build stability into their lives.

The SURV vehicle welcomes donations of nonperishable food, hygiene items, bottled water and other personal supplies. Tax-deductible in-kind and cash donations can be dropped off at the unit located in the back of the Center for Community Health on the VA Campus at 1601 E. Fourth Plain Blvd, Bldg #17, Vancouver, WA 98661.  Call 360.397.8500 for more information.

Since 1962, Lifeline Connections has provided behavioral health treatment and recovery services in Southwest Washington. Through the use of superior customer service, high quality programs and a well trained and dedicated staff, our mission is to inspire hope and support life saving changes for people affected by substance use and mental health conditions.

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