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Legalization of Marijuana in the Northwest | Substance Abuse Treatment Portland

Legalization of marijuana in two northwest states eliminates drug testing, right?

Not quite, and Lifeline Connections can play a role in third party drug screening.

You already are familiar with our programs and substance abuse treatment in Portland, Or. Aligning with our vision to provide northwest residents with access to quality and relevant rehabilitative programs, we also advocate for the maintenance of a sustainable business culture where employees can flourish and develop.

Drug testing has been called into question, especially recently, and undoubtedly in reponse to the legalization of marijuana in Washington, and, just this fall, its neighbor to the south, Oregon. Citizens who engage in marijuana usage, as well as abstainers who see the legalization as a harbinger of economic uptick and stimulation, have earnestly debated whether or not the practice of testing for marijuana should be abolished entirely. Historically, and ostensibly, employers only question their workers’ alcohol consumption if it creates an egregious issue at work – so shouldn’t pot be the same?

Not quite. A Seattle city attorney was recently named in a Forbes article after he infamously purchased two grams of legally acquired marijuana and subsequently returned to his office, herb in hand. He later apologized publicly for “violating the City’s drug free workplace policy.”

The Seattle fracas tells us that, legal or not, there are still stigma attached to the acquisition and recreational use of marijuana.

Northwest employers who  make it their practice to adhere to federal guidelines that mandate drug pre-screening need a trusted and unbiased third party source with which to partner on substance testing. There are several different types of tests that can be administered:

❖     Pre-employment conditional screening;

❖     Post-accident screening (to eliminate drug use as a potential catalyst or contributing factor to the accident);

❖     Random employee screening.

Lifeline’s research does show that drug testing employees facilitates:

❖     Fewer workplace accidents;

❖     Lowered insurance premiums;

❖     Easier identification of on-the-job issues which could lead to discipline and termination, resulting in low turnover;

❖     In turn, low turnover saves even large corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars in squandered training and orientation expenses;

❖     Increased employee drive and morale;

❖     Less theft;

❖     Fewer mistakes and errors made on routine tasks.

Custom-tailored programs engineered by Lifeline staff ensure your drug screening program aligns with your company’s goals and employee expectations while providing a locally grown program that is responsive to your changing needs and easily accessible by phone, email or onsite visit.

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