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Alcohol Awareness

How You Can Contribute During Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol awareness month is nearing an end and there are many reasons why we need to remember the damaging effects it has. With each new generation there are still large numbers of adolescents and adults who need serious help to move toward recovery. Many people ask themselves, what can I do to help? We’ve compiled a four possible ways that you can get more involved and contribute during Alcohol Awareness Month.


A little bit can go a long way. We provide substance use disorder treatment to anyone, regardless of ability to pay and every donation helps us continue this mission.

Provide Information  

Does your employer, church group or volunteer association provide a newsletter? Do you feel comfortable posting something on Facebook or Instagram? You can mention that alcoholism is a disease that deserves treatment, not stigmas, or that every person deserves recovery. Anything helps and can be a resource for information.

Give Back

Another option would be to find a group in need of volunteers. Volunteering your time provides support to the community and makes a difference in someone’s life. It’s also a way to give back or get more involved. As a nonprofit organization we have many volunteer opportunities

Share your story

When you provide your personal experience, you provide awareness. Many people don’t think that drug and alcohol use is a problem because they don’t have intimate conversations with others about it. It may seem difficult, but it is the most successful way to touch others or inspire those who don’t understand. Be open about your or a loved one’s recovery with others and you will be surprised about how much good it does when someone can put themselves in your shoes.

If you know someone has or is developing a substance use disorder, they should receive treatment quickly. Please contact the professional team at Lifeline Connections. You can visit, our Services & Locations information, email or call (360) 397-8246 for more information.

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