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How to Wear Cloth Face Masks Properly

With the growing shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) many businesses and people are making and using handmade, cloth face masks. Many people are asking if they are safe, how to sanitize them and if they’re wearing them correctly.

How to wear cloth face masks

  • Wash your hands prior to putting the mask on and prior to taking the face mask off
  • Use the loops on the sides to put the face mask on and take it off
    • Do not touch the front of the mask
  • Ensure the bridge of your nose is covered and underneath your chin for proper protection

A handmade, cloth face mask should have multiple layers of fabric with ties or elastic loops around the ears to secure a snug fit.

How should it be cleaned?

  • Launder the mask daily using any washer and dryer
  • Store it in a clean, dry place
    • Remember, do not touch the mask until you’ve washed your hands

You don’t need to wear the mask inside your home or when inside your vehicle. It is recommended to wear a mask when you are in public places like the grocery store, pharmacy, gas station or doctor’s office. Some public officials have recommended wearing them anytime you are outside of your home in case you aren’t able to stay six feet from someone, however it may not be necessary when you’re out in the open air while running or riding a bike. 

Its important to stay healthy and take any precautions you can during this time when many are experiencing extra stress. 

If the stress begins to impact your energy or daily life and taking breaks or connecting with loved ones doesn’t help, reach out and get support. There are also mental health professionals available to work with you during this stressful time and emotional online support groups. Our caring counselors, clinicians and psychiatric professionals will be with you every step of your journey. Learn more about our mental health programs.


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