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Finding The Best Substance Program For You

Choosing a substance abuse program and treatment center is tantamount to choosing a home, a job or even a group of friends: you are selecting a family, a place to call home, a compassionate environment invested in your physical, emotional and mental rehabilitation and remission from drugs and alcohol.

To illustrate the importance of entering the right program, consider this: one in ten patients entering a rehabilitative program has been to rehab five times prior. That is a harrowing statistic, and one we strive to decimate through our mission and values at Lifeline Connections.

When selecting a substance abuse program, it is imperative that the organization be vetted and interviewed prior to entering treatment. The following concepts should be understood thoroughly:

❖     What are the outcomes of the program;
❖     Does the program encourage family involvement and counseling;
❖     Is the program short or long-term;
❖     Does the program substitute one drug for another, or rely on using other drugs with dangerous or debilitating side effects;
❖     Does the program offer a holistic approach to wellness and healing, including physical activity, recreation, nutritional counseling and applicable life skills education;
❖     Is the program invested in the patient or simply a stop along the vicious path of relapse?

Our Portland-based substance abuse program inspires hope and supports life-saving changes for people afflicted with substance abuse issues and mental health concerns in the northwest. We daily recommit to our mission statement – to be best in class – every day through the quality of programs we offer and staff we employ.

At Lifeline Connections, we understand substance abuse is a complex problem which isn’t solved simply in twenty-eight days:

❖     Lifeline Connections will work with each individual patient to create an individualized plan supporting sustainable sober living. This regimen is a multi-faceted counseling program leveraging psycho-education, individual private therapy, recreational activities and social skills development. Patients will leave confident in their ability to live a sober life after treatment ends.
❖     Our staff is compassionate, sensitive and focused on patient advocacy. You will find real, genuine partners committed to your success as a sober, confident adult.
❖     We include a nutritional component in our program. Not only do patients enjoy healthy balanced meals using fresh local ingredients; Lifeline strives to educate patients on maintaining a healthy diet after rehab.
❖     We do not believe relapse is a common roadblock on the path to recovery. We aim to treat the root of the condition the first time.
❖     Family is a critical component of your success. We incorporate family into all our treatment programs as part of our approach. Family counseling is encouraged, and family involvement in a patient’s treatment offers an irreplaceable source of support.
❖     We accept forms of insurance, and are happy to discuss your insurance plan in detail with you during intake or during an initial interview.

Everyone’s needs are different. When you’re selecting a substance use treatment program, your first priority should be ensuring it’s able to meet your unique needs.

From inpatient treatment to medically assisted detox, Portland and Vancouver residents have a variety of options to choose from. Use this checklist to ensure the rehab center you choose has the right combination of staff and services to help you achieve a successful recovery.

Download the Checklist Here



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