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Consider the Mental Health of Yourself and Others On Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is one of America’s most anticipated events every year. With the upcoming game this Sunday, it is not a bad idea to throw a party at your place. As a matter of fact, this will be a perfect opportunity to reunite your family and friends with one common denominator among yourselves, the Super Bowl. As you host a Super Bowl party, there are many things to consider.

Luscious finger-licking snacks and intoxicating drinks are served during a Super Bowl party. These keep the spirit of the occasion high apart from the thrilling game. However, the latter causes some problems if not tolerated well because it alters mental health and of course, your senses. Consequently, one may engage with drunk driving resulting to serious consequences.

The Host’s Game Plan

Mental health and safety is paramount whenever Super Bowl is up. If you have decided to host the fun and exciting party, then you should layout the preparations beforehand. Here are some of the things that you can do.

1. Smart choices. Lots of food and non-intoxicating beverages should be served at the party. However, if beers are to be included, serve only a minimum.

2. Know when to stop drinking alcohol. Engaging with alcohol is just an easy start, but giving it up is the difficult part. Since you will be the host and your guests are your responsibility, you should know the right timing to put a halt on the session. By the end of the third quarter game, you should stop serving alcohol just like what the stadium does. Later on the fourth quarter, you should serve coffee and mouth-watering desserts.

3. If you do decide to consume an alcoholic beverage, be sure to have a designated, sober driver in place. Mental health is threatened when you and your guests are carried away by the spirit of alcohol. Of course, this is not a good thing. Therefore, you should remind your friends to designate someone to be the sober driver ahead of time.

4. Avoid drunk driving with your alternatives. Mental health is everything to citizens of America. If you do not want to trouble others or yourself with liability, then you have to safeguard everyone’s mental well-being. Always keep an alternative means to drive your guests home safe and sound when you are up for a Super Bowl party. Hence, keep contact numbers of local cab companies or help arrange a ride-sharing.

5. Alcohol exception. Guests under the age of 21 should not be provided with alcohol, even if they have requested. Keeping this in mind and being aware of the guest’s age will ensure that certain situations can be avoided.

The Guest’s Game Plan

When you are attending a Super Bowl party, there are few things that a guest should also prepare. Just like the host’s goals, mental health and getting back home safely are the objectives. So, here are some points to do and remember.

1. Do not drink. When your friends are tasting alcohol, it seems impossible not to drink. However, whenever possible, do not drink. Just keep yourself reminded that you have to drive yourself home safely.

2. Pace. Food and drinks are inviting, especially when you indulge it with your friends. However, when you are consuming alcohol, you should be extremely careful. You should not drink too much nor too fast. Instead, eat plenty of food and alternate the alcohol drinking with non-intoxicating drink such as water.

3. Do not drive. When you think your mental health is impaired for the time being, do not ever think of taking over behind the wheel.

Celebrating the Super Bowl at a party is all about having fun while spending the time with your peers and loved ones. Do not let impairment from alcohol consumption ruin your day. With this, always keep yours and others mental well-being on the watch. Remember, Portland mental health is top priority year round. Stay safe!

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