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What to Bring to Our Residential Treatment Program

One of the most difficult parts about residential treatment is the process of preparing for and transitioning to treatment. It’s a reasonably big step in your life, and you want to make it count. This is something that we completely understand, which is why we have provided for you a list of items that you may bring (or not bring) when you come and see us for treatment, as well as an understanding of what you can expect from us here at Lifeline Connections.

Among this list are typical items like hygiene products, pajamas, and an alarm clock. You may also bring RN approved medications, as well as nicotine patches, but any over-the-counter medication is provided by the facility and therefore does not need to be brought with you. Does music relax you? Feel free to bring an mp3 player, CD player, or a radio if you have one. These items are welcome as long as they do not have internet capabilities. As a residential treatment center, the goal is to provide the best care- one that is free from the distractions of the outside temptations. We want everyone to feel safe and welcome here and we are doing our best to create that environment. The difficulty of transitioning into treatment will likely be the hardest days of your stay with us.

When you decide to come and stay with us, remember a few things: we begin with a focus on developing a plan for your healing process. That means drug screening, paperwork, financial arrangements, ID photo, check in pre-approved medications, and meet with your staff. Again, these are necessary steps. You’ll be taken to your room, searched for items that are not approved, and then you’ll be free to get to know your new surroundings. Next, we focus on you. This is necessary because temptations from the outside world can hinder this essential piece of the process. You will be given tools to manage temptations as well as new skills and coping mechanisms. Don’t forget that our treatment plans include resources that help you as a whole, not necessarily just a detox program, such as massage therapy, pet therapy, and yoga. Last, we hope that you know that a routine is another important part of recovery. We have a carefully scheduled day to make sure that every minute counts towards your becoming whole again.

While you can expect the utmost care and respect from us here at Lifeline Connections, we want you to know that there are certain expectations we have for you. Among these expectations are respect and acceptance of others, attending your scheduled activities, develop self-discipline, develop positive behavior and communication, and prepare to leave to a new life free from drugs and alcohol.

We want the best care for our patients, and we hope that you will consider these important aspects of how we care when you decide to come to us for help. We are happy to discuss our treatment plans with you if you would like to call us at 360-397-8246 ext. 7580 or Email at

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