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How to Achieve Overall Wellness and Find a Healthy Life Balance [Infographic]

In the United States 7.9 million people struggle with a co-0ccurring disorder (a combination of mental health and substance use disorders occurring simultaneously). With so many American’s struggling with this disorder there is a need for all of us to understand these behavioral health conditions and how to best manage them.

At Lifeline Connections, our mission is to inspire hope and support life saving changes for people affected by substance use and mental health conditions. Encompassed in that mission is to support overall wellness and help individuals bring their life back into a healthy balance.  One way we do this is by providing education such as how to reduce and overcome everyday stress.

View our infographic below to learn more about how to achieve a healthy life balance.  There are all kinds of great tips including elements of a successful recovery and healthy habits that support mental health.  Also included are the pillars that support physical wellness such as fresh whole foods, exercise, relaxation, and sleep.

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