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6 Spring Activities In Oregon and Washington: 2017

This winter seemed to be unnaturally cold and rainy, which says a lot for the pacific northwest in my opinion! This spring couldn’t have come any faster. Now that I have checked spring cleaning and storing winter clothes off my list, I figured it was time to compile a list of pretty neat things to do. My hope is to try these things to benefit my mental, emotional, and physical well-being in ways that were lacking this last season.

The Prehistoric Gardens

I happened upon this website and I couldn’t be more thrilled about what it offers. While it is quite a drive from me, I think it will fit in my plans as early as tomorrow, or as late as the end of summer. It lies in an ancient Oregon Rainforest just off the highway and features 23 scientifically accurate dinosaur models. It seems like so much fun to look at, but also like a nice place to walk around to get some energy out. If you’re heading to the coast this year, it might be a great place to let your dino-nerd inside let loose!

The Painted Hills of Oregon

Or maybe you’re not feeling very touristy this spring, but you want to do something active and see something iconic? Take a short trip to the Painted Hills of Oregon. Nestled near the city of Mitchell, OR, these hills are picturesque while you hike around. The brisk air and scenery can be the perfect way to start out your year of enjoying life. A quick look at Airbnb showed me that I can get a room to stay in there for as cheap as $40/night. But even a day trip would be possible if it is planned well.

Go for a Bike Ride in Portland

Portland is considered one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. Not to mention the fact that Portland is clean, beautiful, and completely packed with local places to enjoy. Not mention, the amazing cherry blossoms of spring will make you feel fresh and peaceful. Use this opportunity to go with your family, friends, or by yourself. You can bond with your spouse, create a memory with a friend, or meditate and practice mindfulness by yourself. Whatever makes you feel like you can take full advantage of this season, just go for it.

Stroll the Hoyt Arboretum

If there is ever a place to just take in nature and enjoy unadulterated air and plant life, I am all for it! At the Hoyt Arboretum, there is something for everyone, even kids! It’s practically a museum of 6,000 trees and there are stroller-friendly trails. It doesn’t cost anything, and it is open up until 9:30 at night if you feel like you want to make the most of a beautiful sunset.

Attend Pomeroy Farm’s Country Life Fair

If you are thinking you want to find something to do near Vancouver, WA, go to the Country Life Fair at Pomeroy’s Farm. It is a few miles from Battle Creek. Pomeroy’s Farm is a breathtaking historical farm that dates back to 1910. The fair will feature herb and plant sales, food carts, farm animals, hay rides, and demonstrators. If you aren’t able to make it there on the 29th or 30th, then take a quick look at their many other education programs or theme teas.

Go Fishing Along the Columbia River

And not just for the nostalgia. The Columbia River is home to several types of fish including salmon and steelhead. Fishing season officially open on April 22nd, and there will be many opportunities to either compete or just have a relaxing day by the lake. Again, this is the type of activity that can either include everyone, or that you can just take advantage of for yourself. On the Washington State fishing site, you can search for which types of fish populate which areas and make a bucket list of rivers and lakes to catch the different types of fish available in the pacific northwest.

It’s difficult to beat the elaborate beauty of our area, but there is even more to see and do that will clear your mind or at least act as a great excuse to spend time on your own or with friends. If you or a loved one is in recovery, chances are that you are looking for some nice hobbies to develop to make healing and healthy living easier. Couple this with our outstanding outpatient treatment programs and you will see yourself transform into a life free from the chains of addiction. We offer custom treatment plans, recovery coaches, and relapse prevention. If you have any questions or just want to get more information, do not hesitate to call or email us at:

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