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4 Ways and Events to Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend

We know that when you are in recovery, things that seem simple- Labor Day, for example- can actually be a struggle. How do you use your time? Who do you spend that time with? These are things that would make anyone feel a little stressed out if they are hoping to do something fun or just different.

What makes it so difficult? Well, when you’re doing your best to recover from an addiction, these types of environments can trigger stress beyond a normal day. This may be because of a change in schedule or routine, it may be because of pressure from friends and family to attend events or get things done around the house. Sometimes, it’s just hard to be willing to take a relaxing day off because you feel like you aren’t meeting someone’s or your own expectations. Just remember that is important to balance self-love with positive interactions among your support group. They want to spend time with you, even if you aren’t feeling like the life of the party. You don’t have to say yes to everything, but it would be a good idea to keep yourself busy enough that you can feel like you accomplished something at the end of the day. Feeling accomplished builds up confidence in you and keeps a healthy momentum going for future accomplishments.

1. Make a list before the weekend even starts. This can be helpful in many ways. A list can give you something to refer to if you just want to get a few things done. A list may also help you keep enough space in your weekend to provide opportunities to do something fun or to spend time with your family. As you check off the things on you wrote, you will be able to actually see how much you’ve done, which will enhance your experience. Having the list to look at beforehand may even help you look forward to certain things. Which means that you should write down things that you would enjoy doing, not just the mundane things. For example, you may have Clean the garage on your list, but then afterwards, Take kids to get ice cream. These little things can help you get through your week as well. Listing out what you need to do also clears your head and helps you organize your time better. This is a tool that can be used daily, but is also helpful for special occasions like this.

2. Call a friend. If you are hoping to spend some time with your positively supportive friends over the weekend, feel free to call and ask them if they would like to do something with you. Pick something ahead of time to avoid putting your friend in an awkward position of having to choose for you. Let them know that you would like to go fishing or hiking, or watch a ballgame. By doing this, you ensuring that your weekend is filled with positive interactions and may be just the thing to help you feel excited, rather than down about the upcoming weekend.

3. Get involved. Before fall and winter come at us head on, it might be good to use this time to makes some plans to volunteer or get involved in your community. Giving back can be incredibly rewarding and gives you the chance to fulfill other people’s needs. In addition, volunteering for your community is a great way to stay connected with people in your support system if they want to get in on the action, too. Ask your spouse or children what they would like to do, and then make a plan of doing something as a family. Websites such as or are excellent starting points where you can find places locally that need your help.

4. Check out these great city activities coming to your area. From Art in the Pearl, to the Oregon Arab Festival there is definitely something for you going on the area. Don’t forget that there are so many outdoor escapes in the area that you won’t have to spend anything to find something that brings you joy and relaxation.

We know how important it is to keep yourself busy and content, which is why we provide the best services here at Lifeline Connections. If you are ready to come to us for any sort of help, or even if you just have some questions, send us an email or give us a call and we can get you started on your personally tailored recovery.
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