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4 Feel Good Foods To Take Note Of

4 Feel Good Foods To Take Note Of: Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint, and Cinnamon

Below I have listed four feel good foods that should be taking note of. Fortunately, most of them can easily be found in grocery stores or even in your own backyard!

Rosemary is a warming, grounding herb that is incredibly easy to come by, and it can be free since it grows almost everywhere around the city. Incorporating rosemary in dishes is very simple. I like to add rosemary to potatoes, roasted chicken, and other meats such as lamb. It’s a very fragrant herb that doesn’t lose its flavor when cooked, so use it sparingly. Along with the benefits of improving your mood, it can help make your meals pop and give them that certain je ne se quoi!

Lemon – Lemon is definitely something to start including into your daily routine for optimal health. As most of us already know, it is high in vitamin C, but not many people know that it is also really great for aiding digestion and treating colds. I drink hot lemon water every single day with 20 grams of juiced ginger and cayenne sprinkled on top. This is just one way you can use lemon, as it’s so incredibly versatile. It’s also great in hummus, on salmon, or chicken.

Cinnamon is a common staple in pantries but how often do we ever really use it? It’s a very warming, comforting spice and typically inexpensive. During the colder months, I love to throw a cinnamon stick (or simply powder) on anything hot I’m drinking, or anything sweet I’m eating. That could be a tea, chai, sugarless hot chocolate, oatmeal, homemade granola, etc.

Peppermint is another calming, mood-improving herb that might not seem as obvious, but it’s surprisingly one of the easiest to incorporate into your daily routine! There are a variety of simple ways I suggest to obtain its full benefits. One is to drink peppermint tea, either during or after a long day at work. Another is to use it in tincture form. I apply a peppermint tincture to my chest when I’m resting, meditating, or even watching TV. Continually breathing in peppermint is incredibly soothing and relaxing, helping you stay present and mindful in any stressful situation.

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