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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Say in Your Recovery Plan

There are so many paths that can lead a person to deciding they need help with recovery from substance use. This is largely due to the very fact that each individual situation is different. Everyone has different genetics, different backgrounds, different paradigms in life, different relationships, etc. Whatever path a person takes towards choosing recovery is fine as long as it brings them to a place where they can return to who they are again and not continue on as a slave to their addictions. When it comes to the actual process of recovery, it may seem like there is only one way to get sober. However, this is simply not true. Much like the different paths taken to get to recovery, every person is affected in a different way by different recovery techniques. One person may benefit greatly from pet therapy, while another would prefer massage or exercise therapy. Some people will eventually need to make lifestyle changes, while others might just need to have a more internal paradigm shift. Whatever the differences are, keep in mind that you should have a say in what is involved in this recovery process. Here are 3 reasons why:

You’ll own it. Being in recovery is hard work. Hard work that greatly pays off, but hard work nonetheless. Being able to stay motivated can be difficult. However, if you take a part in what is involved in your recovery plan, your motivation to follow through will be highly impacted. It gives a sense of feeling like this process is for you and your well-being, and you’re not just some project to be worked on.

Builds confidence. One of the hardest parts about finally choosing recovery is feeling the confidence to follow through with your recovery plan. As you get to know your boundaries, you should be able to see each small step that leads to that important goal of living a clean and free life. Having a say in this process helps you feel confident along the way since making your own goals and following through with them helps you feel accomplished. That sense of accomplishment is more fuel for more goals and more accomplishments until you reach your final goal of full recovery.

Validates your feelings and desires. Sometimes the hardest part about recovery can be the feeling that you aren’t being heard. Choosing a recovery center that includes your thoughts and feelings provides you with that validation that you matter and are an important part of the process. You will also feel more likely to trust your therapists and recovery coaches. Recovery may be hard, but it doesn’t have to be miserable, either. Be sure to discuss all of your options and let them know which options you feel like you respond better toward.

Lifeline Connections in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area provides just what you need for substance use recovery. We have outpatient and residential treatment as well as treatment for co-occurring disorders. In any case, you will be paired with a one-on-one recovery coach. We want you to take control of your recovery and we are dedicated to that cause along the entire process. Feel free to call or email us today to get an assessment. or
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