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3 Creative Activities to Do While You Stay at Home

Many states have issued “stay home, stay healthy” orders to help flatten the curve of the COVID-19 virus. This leaves most people with a lot more time at home whether they are working, teaching their children lessons or trying to find creative activities to occupy their time.

There are the obvious items being suggested; read a book, clean out closets, enjoy a new TV series, reorganize shelves, connect with friends and family through video calls, etc.

But what can you do to reduce the monotony? How can you change the routine to prevent boredom?

Plan a date night in with your partner

  • Dress up
  • Make a special meal

If you have children than wait until they go to bed and have a special dessert together. Turn the TV off and enjoy quiet conversation – connect with each other on topics other than current events.

Work on an outdoor project

  • Clean up garden beds or dig up areas of grass to start a new garden (pollinator garden or bird sanctuaries are very easy and inexpensive to setup)
  • Prepare outdoor living spaces for use; clean and stain or repaint any decks, patios or outdoor furniture

This is the time of year you can begin planting seeds indoors. Egg cartons are a great way to start your seeds and a fun, creative activity for children.  

Learn a foreign language

  • Duolingo is a free app that allows you to select which language you wish to learn

This app is compatible with Apple and Android devices and allows you to set goals for the languages you want to learn. It also doesn’t have many pop up ads, making it more appealing than some of the other free apps.

As our nation continues to practice social distancing over the next couple of weeks, let’s explore more creative activities to keep ourselves entertained and expand our knowledge. Remember that you can still leave your home to run essential errands and exercise.

There are also many virtual resources you can find here; church services, recovery meetings and much more will help everyone stay connected.


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